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Update from Barbara, 6 April 2022

Hello everyone, just a few bits of information about the allotment shop. 

We do have some bags of seed potatoes for sale, mainly Arran Pilot and a few others if you didn’t order in the Autumn or have found some space and want some more.  


The Strulch has arrived. For those who don’t know, it is mineralised straw, and is used as a mulch. It really suppresses weeds and when it breaks down it adds organic  matter to the soil . 

We also have Perlka which the manufacturers state works against clubroot.  Now is the time to spread it before planting out brassicas.  Full details in the shop. 


I must also send a plea for volunteers to work in the shop please.   Even helping in the 2nd container on busy  days would be much appreciated. 


Regards Barbara