The shop is well stocked and one customer said it was better stocked than a garden centre.  We have new lines, including 5 types of gardening gloves,  plant labels, ground cover peg to name just a few. So you can buy small gardening stuff when you get your compost and manure. 

NEW [MAY 2021]


Message from Barbara May 2021:

Hello everyone,  

More shop news. 

The shop is very well stocked again and I'd like to tell you about some of the new and interesting products. 

We have the full range of John Innes composts,  5 types of Dalefoot organic, peat free compost, including Tomato compost and mulch. 

 Not forgetting the peat free Sylvagrow compost. 

There are also new organic fertilisers for lawns and potatoes.  


We now have an area for small donated items, all contributions gratefully received.   4 hoes sold, for very modest price, immediately on donation. 

I hope you like the shop, any ideas welcome. 



Shop update 28 June 2021: Barbara has asked me to advise you all that the shop has had a delivery of 'Strulch' This is composted straw which works as a mulch and suppresses weeds. 

Shop open Saturday and Sunday 11 - 12 as usual. 

We are continuing to open twice per weekend during July.