Please note that the shop will be opening from this Saturday for a trial period, under the following conditions:


  • The shop will re -open for a trial period of four sessions 11am to noon on four  consecutive  Saturdays from Saturday 27 June

  • No entry to the shop- orders must be placed at the shop entrance and then goods collected from the adjacent bulk store doorway.

  • Payment by cash or cheque, or payment may be made direct to Raga account quoting ref shop sale and include the receipt number [found on the receipt ticket]

  • Queuing must be 2m apart for everyone's safety and should be down the side of the shop so that access through the gate is not impeded.

  • A review will then be carried out to confirm future opening hours and operating procedures.

  • Do you have any thoughts on this or suggestions for additions / changes? Please let us have any feedback either through any committee member, via the contact form on this website, or by email to

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